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Celebrating the first months of the baby has been something more and more common, and has become the so famous “mes”. It is something that varies from family to family, from mother to mother, but the intention is the same: celebrate life, follow the growth and development of each month and record the first year of the baby.

It is special to promote moments of excitement and celebration alongside important people like grandparents, uncles, godparents and friends. Tracking baby's evolution through photos and records is something that will be kept forever and cannot pass blank.

The mesversaries were becoming better known and became a really more celebrated date especially after many famous and public figures began to celebrate, thus inspiring other adept mommies to date.

The ways to celebrate vary, but they are usually something more intimate and simple than one-year parties. What can not be missing is family, love, joy and...

Daily we are asked for references about the flavors, sweets as accompaniment and especially, about what the decoration will be!

Many mothers are inspired by themes chosen by famous Deborah Secco, Ana Hickmann and Sabrina Sato. Others choose specific choices that mean something to the family and baby. That's where creativity begins!

How to choose a theme for mes? We have already received ideas of the most varied, recurring themes and others totally new. Some choose a single theme over the course of the 12 months, with different versions of it. Others, each month choose something new. Some with more minimalist decor, others rich in details and elements. The important thing is what the cake will represent for the child and for the celebration.

The baby Disney theme for every month with character variations

Themes can fit into different types: cartoons, bedroom decoration or clothes, themes adored by daddies, pets, dates and celebrations, toys and so on...

In cartoons and animated movies we have a wide choice of themes such as Disney (Mickey Class), Movies such as Frozen, The Little Prince, Lion King, Pooh Bear, Pixar, Pinky Chicken, Bit World, Superheroes, cartoons of the most varied and the taste of baby.

Many parents are inspired by bedroom decorations, party outfits or a favorite stuffed animal, which are themes that look very personal and unique!

Some also opt for parents' favorite themes such as Harry Potter, Amelie Poulain, Star Wars, Football Teams, Bands like Beatles, etc...

Among the most requested themes we also find other very original ones such as Safari, Seabed, Unicorns, Pandas, Elephants.

The important thing is that the cake makes sense for the family history of the birthday boy, and that he symbolizes the celebration of the date and life of the baby.